How to buy online in a secure way?

Shopping through the internet has long become a routine thing, but with all the good it brings there are a few things to look out for and pay attention to before making the purchase. We have prepared a guide to help you shop online safely:

What was almost entirely acceptable before the Corona period, has since become a default option: if you need a home appliance, a gift, or even a dress for an event, first check what the websites have to offer.

There is everything, of all kinds, and most importantly – very cheap. But with all the good it brings there are a few things to look out for and pay attention to before making the purchase:

tips for secure online shopping

Product selection

In the next step of choosing the product, even on the big sites, there are some details that you should find out like the country of production of the product and the name of the manufacturer, warranty on the product and who to contact in case you need to exercise the warranty.
It is important to also check the cancellation and return policy of the site or the seller: Is it possible to return a garment that did not fit? Headphones that do not work? And in case the product can be returned, who owes a fee for the shipment?
If you come across a product with a surprisingly low price, you should keep an eye out because there is a situation that it is not worth as it seems. You may be surprised by excessive shipping fees, extremely poor quality, or a recycled product. Another possibility of course is that it stings and deceives.

The purchase

Once you have chosen the product there are a few things to know in Kenya itself. Paying with a credit card on a secure website is nothing to worry about because it is as safe as in a regular store, if not more so. In case of non-arrival of the product, the credit card companies are required by law to refund you all the money within 30 days if its credit card has been used illegally on a secure site.
When paying on credit, you can request a spread for payments and try to request that the first billing date is after the planned date for receiving the product. That way, in case the product did not arrive, you can cancel the purchase and you will not be charged.
In most cases, the purchase is made on credit, and to prevent the disclosure of your credit information the site must be secured with the international SSL security protocol marked with a lock icon at the bottom of the page throughout the purchase process.
On the other hand, if you want to pay in cash, check, or bank transfer – this means that you will not have the protections given to you by the Credit Card Act.
In case the site demands to receive the money only in cash or by bank transfer and does not allow payment by credit, it is better not to buy on this site, most likely hiding behind a sting.
Other things that are important to pay attention to in the purchase itself are whether there are all the details of the seller or the store, the lack of this information will make it difficult for you in case of a return or problems in the arrival of the shipment.

After purchase

In the post-purchase stage, you can print and save the transaction confirmation (with details about the product and the transaction price) to see that the whole process has gone smoothly. Read the document and note that everything is in it. If something is missing or you have identified another problem, contact the site or seller immediately and report it to him.
When the product arrives in you, make sure that the packaging is original and complete, open it and see if you got the right model and the right size, scan it to see that it has no scratches/tears/malfunctions and it is the way you wanted it.

If for any reason you are interested in returning the product, check the site’s return policy. According to the Consumer Protection Law in Israel, even with online shopping, you can return the product for no reason and get your money back in full.


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