3D Neck Massager


  • Type 1 White
  • Type 2 blue
  • Type 2 green
  • Type 2 red
  • Type 1 Red
  • Type 1 Blue
  • Type 1 Pink
  • Type 1 LED
  • Type 4 white
  • Type 4 red
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6 Modes Electric Neck Massager Neck Pulse Back Power Control Far Infrared Heating Pain Relief Tool Health Care Neck Relaxation M


Due to long hours of work on the computer, smartphone, desk work, driving, knitting, sewing, writing, reading, etc.. most of the people feel neck pain. The electric pulse neck massager can help to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. If you’re stressed or just need to unwind, a neck massager will help you to relax

  • BEST GIFT FOR ALL AGES – Best gift for all ages for Men Women Dad Mom Husband Wife and for any occasion Birthday Anniversary Fathers Day Mothers Day Christmas etc..


  • USERS FRIENDLY DESIGN – Super easy operation, large-capacity battery, this device can support 4-hour continuous use.Please follow the instructions and guidelines document for better performance and experience.
  • 4 MASSAGE MODES AND 10 SPEED LEVELS : Auto mode, pulse manipulation, hot compress manipulation, acupressure manipulation, knead manipulation, beating manipulation. This smart neck massage device offers various massage enjoyment according to your needs.
  • PORTABLE , LIGHT WEIGHT & COMFORTABLE – Ergonomic design neck massager is easy to carry along . can be used whenever and wherever home, car, airplane, office etc..material is skin friendly 4 massage heads arranged scientifically, precisely covering multiple segments of cervical spines. C-shape adjustable massage tool enables more personal use.
  • FASTER RELIEF FROM NECK PRESSURE – Gives Immediate relief from neck pressure due to excessive laptop, computer, smart phone use , desk work or any other activities. A helpful massage tool to improve the blood circulation, soothe tired muscles and relieve aches thoroughly., Pulse gets deeply into muscle for full massaging. Along with 38-42℃ hot compress function, it ensures deep and comprehensive massage.

Color: white
Material: ABS, silicone
Voltage: DC5V
Power supply: USB
Battery capacity: 650mah
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Using time: 2 hours
Features: massage instrument, prevention of cervical spondylosis, physiotherapy machine, multifunctional
Product size: 17.5*13*13cm

Use wet towel to wet the neck before using to avoid possible sense of piercing pain.

How to use:
1) Before use, first wet the skin of the cervical spine with a wet towel, and then put the product around the neck, make the electrode close to the skin of the cervical spine, adjust the position of the product, turn on the host and adjust the appropriate massage intensity and mode.
2) Press [ON/OFF] button to enter the default mode, the default gear position(0 gear).
3) Press [M] button to switch mode, 6 modes available.
4) Press [+]/[-] button to adjust intensity
5) Press the middle button for heating up function.




Additional information

Weight 0.550 kg
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 13 cm

Type 1 White, Type 2 blue, Type 2 green, Type 2 red, Type 1 Red, Type 1 Blue, Type 1 Pink, Type 1 LED, Type 4 white, Type 4 red

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