Bubble Pets Window


  • Helps alleviate a dog’s curiosity within confined fences
  • Durable acrylic dome measuring 9.5 Inch in diameter
  • Black trim ring and all necessary hardware is included for easy installation
  • Can help deter overly curious dogs from jumping over fences and reduces risk of injury from attempted escape
  • Transparent
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Does your dog whine when you’re in the front yard and he’s trapped behind the backyard fence and can’t watch you? Does he get frustrated when he can hear but not see passers-by on the sidewalk? Is he just plain curious?

offers a solution. The bubble window can be installed in a fence at the right height for your dog to give him or her a view of the world outside.

is an attractive and practical addition to many fence types, allowing your pets to see more of the world around them thus reducing stress and anxiety and minimizing the risks associated with escape attempts.

It can be easily installed in wood, vinyl, and other materials including drywall.

It may also be used for children’s playhouses, kennels, treehouses, and even storm chaser vehicles!

Our domed windows are made of acrylic and include all of the necessary, non-corrosive hardware as well as easy-to-follow instructions to Do-It-Yourself. Our product is superior to copycats that are being produced offshore. Our domes are easily cleaned and are very resistant to breakage and dulling. Typically they can be easily cleaned with a garden hose. If superficial scratches appear, they can be easily eliminated by using a non-fluoride white toothpaste to buff out the scratches with a soft cloth. The average installation time is 15 to 20 minutes and requires a jigsaw, drill/driver, crescent wrench, and marking pencil. The ABS trim ring provided can be used as the template for marking the window placement. Check out the installation video on our website.


Consider the sitting height of your dog before installation. This is to make sure that they can comfortably position themselves as they gaze beyond the fence. Place the black rim against the fence and trace the inner circle to determine where to cut the hole. After cutting out the hole, place the black rim back in the previous position and drill out the holes for the bolts. Then place the bubble window through the hole with the dome towards the exterior side. Secure the bubble window by putting the bolts in place. Take the black rim to the other side of the fence and line it up with the bolts.

Every dog should have a point of view. The Pets Bubble window can easily make that possible. 
Dogs are curious; they want to know what’s happening out there. Help satisfy their curiosity and make it possible for them to have a peek. The Pet Peek window is a durable, clear, hard acrylic dome 9.5 Inches in diameter and 5 inches deep, with a black trim-ring and all necessary hardware for easy do-it-yourself installation into your wooden or vinyl fence. It is an attractive addition to your fence. Cleaning is easy. Just spray down with a garden hose as necessary. Other ideas for usage include dog kennels, dog runs, and even playhouses for children. Landscapers, interior designers, and exhibitors have all used the Pet Peek in various ways. Even the Smithsonian Museum used a Pet Peek in its Man on the Moon display. The Pet Peek is usually installed 24-36 Inches from the ground, depending upon the height of the dog. The Pet Peek is constructed from 3/16-inch clear acrylic with a 1.25-inch flange and is installed with four, 1.5-inch step bolts, which are included in the package. To install, you just need safety glasses, a metal tape measure, a pencil, a circle saw, and a drill. Installations should be reserved for wood panel fencing, vinyl fencing, wood, and drywall. The depth of the mounting surface should be measured for best placement. Made in the USA.


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